These 25 Picture Perfect Towns Are Literally Works of Art

Seeing the world by way of art.

Have you ever seen a landscape of a town or city that makes you think, hey, that looks just like a painting? Well, it probably is a painting! Many artists have been inspired to immortalize the places where they live, work, and holiday on canvas. Here are just 25 of the most beautiful and inspiring artworks of towns and cities that look the same as they did when they were painted.

10 Ways to Turn Your Home Into the Hotel of Your Dreams

There’s a new, chic hotel in town called…your apartment!

Think about the last time you stayed at an excellent hotel. There’s a high likelihood that, after checking out, you took one last look around the lobby and thought, “I wish I never had to leave.” What if you didn’t have to? With many of us suddenly spending a lot more time at home, now’s the time to take stock of what we can do to make our immediate surroundings a sanctuary and not a place that happens to be where our bed is. And what better place to look for inspiration than hotel amenities—the little and not-so-little details that make a stay an experience in and of itself. So, go ahead, take care of yourself the way the best hotels take care of their guests (i.e. lots of pampering). Here are a few things to make your home feel like the best hotel you never left.

Why You Should Avoid Canceling Your Hotel Room Due to Coronavirus

How to make sure your favorite hotels make it through this.

Unless you’ve been totally off the grid for the last month (ahem, Jared Leto), you’re probably aware that there’s a coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, completely disrupting the travel world as we know it. The hotel industry, in particular, has been hit hard financially, leading properties to lay off or furlough staff, or simply close their doors—potentially for good. “Despite the big brand names you see, most hotels are owned by small companies or individuals. Hotels are operations that employ lots of people. They have very high fixed costs to operate, and competition is severe,” wrote Standard Hotels CEO Amar Lalvani in a press release. “Profit margins are thin, and have been getting thinner even before this crisis. What that means is modest drops in revenue from things like weather hurt profits. Big drops like the financial crisis, bite hard. Epic drops like the past week, kill.” Given the shelter-in-place mandates that are in place around the world, most travelers can’t (and shouldn’t) book a stay right now, even if hotels are still open. There are, however, some ways you can help from afar. We’ve spoken to dozens of hotels about the best ways to keep business moving—and to help out their staff—without stepping foot outside your door. While we couldn’t share all their responses here, we urge you to check a hotel’s website or social media profiles to see how you can chip in. “It’s been a tough few months for the industry, but it’s important to remember that the travel industry is resilient and has bounced back from hard times in the past,” says Jade McBride, general manager at Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve, in New Mexico. “At its core, travel is all about connecting with communities and cultures and it’s inspiring to see how people around the world are staying connected right now.”

These Hotel Libraries Look So Unbelievably Cozy

Borrow a book from these hotel libraries and tuck in with a good read whenever you're finally on vacation again.

Nothing says “relaxing vacation” quite like reading an entire book cover to cover. There’s no better way to leisurely unwind while on a holiday than picking up a great read. These hotel libraries are stocked with fantastic books, from regional guides to classic novels. Bibliophiles will love swaying on a hammock or settling into a plush couch with a book borrowed from these nine cozy amazing libraries around the world.

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